New Cosmetic Surgery Is Increasingly Replacing Invasive Methods

Recently the press reported that Miss California appeared in public with “fake breasts.” This would not have happened if it had been a silicone-free breast augmentation! This fundamentally new method of breast augmentation does not leave scars and does not allow an artificially enlarged bust to look unnatural. Breast enlarged with silicone deserves criticism, not only from the point of view of beauty.

cosmetic surgery, a trend towards more naturalness has become apparent. Many patients want to soften the enlargement of the bust and find it important that the breasts look “real”.

By using the body’s own adipose tissue enriched with stem cells, modern medicine can realize women’s desire for a fuller, more natural-looking cleavage.

First, adipose tissue is gently removed from the patient using special microcannulas. Stem cells are extracted from one part of it and mixed with the rest of the adipose tissue. The stem cell-rich fat is then injected into the breast using fine needles. The implanted stem cells produce new, living tissue.

The procedure takes only a few hours and is performed under local or superficial anaesthesia. After it, the patient remains fully mobile. The safety and sustainability of the results have been proven by clinical trials in the United States and Japan.